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Page-Air Jordan 4 Retro PSG Paris Saint-Germain-monicasneaker

Publicado el 6 Feb, 2024 en la categoría Noticias del restaurante

Air Jordan 4 Retro PSG Paris Saint-Germain
Sku: CZ5624-100
Release Date:10/10/2020

The Air Jordan 4 Retro PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) is a special edition sneaker that resulted from the collaboration between Jordan Brand and the French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain. The shoe combines the iconic Air Jordan 4 silhouette with design elements inspired by PSG’s branding and colors.

The Air Jordan 4 PSG typically features the following design elements:

Team Colors: The colorway of the shoe is often inspired by Paris Saint-Germain’s team colors, which include a combination of navy blue, red, and white. These colors are used on various parts of the shoe to represent the club’s identity.

PSG Branding: The shoe prominently displays the Paris Saint-Germain logo on the tongue and sometimes on the heel, showcasing the collaboration between the football club and Jordan Brand.

Club Motto: Inside the tongue, you may find the motto «ICI C’EST PARIS» («Here is Paris»), which is a phrase often associated with PSG and its passionate fan base.

Unique Details: The Air Jordan 4 PSG may feature additional unique details, such as special PSG-themed lace locks or embroidery, to further tie the shoe to the collaboration.

Like other special editions and collaborations, the Air Jordan 4 PSG tends to be highly sought-after by sneaker enthusiasts and soccer fans alike. Due to their limited availability and unique design, these shoes often become collector’s items and can be found in the secondary market at varying price points.

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